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The tax code gets thicker every year. Tax regulations and deduction allowances change annually, as do many of the tax laws, so you want professionals with our excellent traffic record working to get you the maximum tax relief available by law. One size doesn’t fit all. We understand that your tax issue is unique, so we

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IRS wage garnishment

Wage garnishment is the most common type of levy, and usually the biggest surprise when it happens. It’s the process of deducting money from your salary. I.R.S. wage garnishment is a powerful tool for collection, and you should know it can be stopped today. The I.R.S. doesn’t need for a court order, so you may not

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Unfiled Tax Returns

Unfiled tax returns need to be completed before the I.R.S. will consider reducing your balance through the settlement process, so we will handle that for you. Even if you’ve lost your W2 forms from your past employers, we can obtain them through the I.R.S. Not filing tax returns is actually viewed as a kind of

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State tax Relief

The State can be even more aggressive than the I.R.S. and the first to garnish your paycheck. They are reliant on tax revenue now more than ever. Once we get involved, you will no longer have to deal with them. We’ll get the missing tax returns filed and get them off your back quickly. Like the

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IRS Tax Relief

Don’t face the IRS collection activities alone. Hire the professionals at Perfect Tax Relief to take on the load and fight for your rights and obtain the most IRS Tax Relief that you can qualify for. We will help by using any applicable tax relief regulation written into the tax code to alleviate your tax

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Freedom of Information Requests

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides public access to agency records unless these are protected from disclosure. This is what gives citizens the right to see what it in their I.R.S. files. If you have not been receiving this information from the I.R.S. in the form of statements mailed to your home, this information

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Collection Appeals

A Collection Appeal may be filed if there is disagreement with an I.R.S. decision, which can be done verbally or in writing. This is usually used in cases where a levy has been filed or property has been seized and it’s in dispute. Collection appeals can also be done to lower an Installment Arrangement.

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IRS Appeals

An Appeal puts the Internal Revenue Service on notice that we do not agree with their decision and we are seeking an appeals conference or meeting to change it. Audits Determinations can be appealed, as well as Offers in Compromise, Installment Payment Plans, penalties, interest, liens, and innocent spouse decisions. An Appeals request must be filed

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Innocent Spouse

When you file a joint tax return, either you or your spouse is responsible for the entire tax liability. You do not want to sign a joint tax return if you think there is something incorrect with it. If you file an incorrect joint return, you might end up paying more taxes in the future. One

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Expiration of Statute of Limitations

COLLECTION The I.R.S. has a 10 year period starting from the date of assessment to collect taxes, penalties and interest. Thus, it is possible that you will not owe the I.R.S. after that 10 year period has expired. You should verify the assessment date, so you can compute when this period passed. AUDIT The I.R.S.

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Many people find out the hard way that most taxes cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, except through Chapter 13 which has the taxpayer paying them off over time. Some refer to the Offer In Compromise as the bankruptcy of tax settlements because it frequently leaves people owing just a fraction of the total debt. While

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Payment Plans

If you are unable to pay the full amount you owe to the IRS, an Installment Agreement can be a reasonable option for you. With this option, you will be able to pay your full tax debt in more manageable amounts. We at Perfect Tax Relief are frequently able to get better terms that work

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Investment Fraud Representation

If you have lost all or most of an investment due to being a victim of a fraudulent investment scheme, you may be eligible for the United States Tax Code and get back 30% to 40% of your losses. Through this process, which is highly technical and complex, you can convert your capital stock losses into “ordinary”

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Audit Representation

If you receive a letter notifying you that you have been selected for an audit, you must act quickly. Even if you don’t believe you’ve done anything wrong, you should not attempt to represent yourself, as this can make you vulnerable to tax laws you don’t understand and end up costing you thousands of dollars

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Lien subordination

Generally, a Lien is set up when the IRS could not collect a tax debt. A Lien gives the I.R.S. a legal claim to your home or property, preventing you from selling it without first paying the I.R.S. in full. A tax lien on your property can be crippling when you want to buy, sell or

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First, we stop I.R.S. collection activity by placing a hold on your case. Second, we do discovery, pulling all transcripts to make sure that when we’re done, you’ll have a clean slate. Third, we get the best settlement possible under their own guidelines and get you tax debt free as quickly as possible.

No more headaches and tax issues

You won’t have to worry about levies, I.R.S. phone calls, nasty letters or audits – when we take over your case, they are forced to deal with us, which gives our clients a lot of relief immediately! We will handle your case with the I.R.S. painlessly and quickly, so it becomes a worry-free experience for you.

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We are not afraid to fight the I.R.S. for our clients’ rights and to get them the best tax relief available. In this economy, every penny counts. Instead of paying the entire amount over many years while the lien stays on your credit, check with us to see if your tax debt can get cut to a fraction of what’s owed using the I.R.S.’s own rules, and get it cleared off your credit in no time!

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  • The IRS changed its policies in your favor to obtain a settlement?
  • We can get a year off where the I.R.S. doesn’t try to garnish you?
  • Instead of paying a tax debt over 7 years with high interest, it can be cut drastically to a fraction and paid off in affordable payments?
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